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I just got my Real Estate License. Is this the answer to all my financial problems ? will I be rich?

This is only a question you can answer. The real estate industry is vicious and if you’re not willing to work hard, to get what you want out of your new career, then you know the answer is NO! As with anything you get back what you put in! Normally the first year of your real estate career is going to be the hardest, just like a new business! I use this analogy because becoming a realtor is just like starting a new business. The only difference is instead of selling a product, your selling yourself! You’re the product and since there is tons of realtors in the industry, you must show why you’re the better realtor for the job.

Think of it like this, In the past when you started a new job, you wanted to impress your new boss. Daily you worked your butt off to show your boss and the company how much value you add to the company. Then out of the blue you get laid off or fired …all your hard work down the drain and your left with nothing! Reflecting on my own experiences I have learned nothing bad ever comes of hard work but in the end the real person benefiting from the hard work is your boss and the company, not you! So, my question to you is… why work hard, if at the end the company can just let you go at the drop of a dime? Instead of me working hard and having other benefit, I would rather work hard for my self and indulge in the pay off.

Time to get back on topic…. Real estate will make you rich but only if your willing to put in the hard work and dedication to become the best! Everyday will be long hours of phone calls and meeting looking for that next deal. Your success is in your hands!

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